Warriors top the NBA power rankings

The first round of the NBA playoffs were admittedly not the most exciting.

The playoffs went exactly as expected since higher-seeded teams managed to win every single series, and consequently there were no major upsets in any of the games.

To be fair there were certain moments in playoffs which were fairly dramatic, and an exceptional one seven-game series that was played between the Nuggets and Spurs. On the whole, however, it just left the fans of the game craving some exciting matchups that are due to be played in the Conference Semifinals. Taking into consideration the Game 1’s that have just ended, we’ve come up with the updated NBA power rankings of the remaining teams.

The Rankings

1) Golden State Warriors – If things go as per plan, and the players all live up to their expectations the Warriors are likely to be a lethal force in the postseason. However it would serve them well to keep in mind that their upcoming matchups will be much more difficult than their run against the Clippers.

2) Houston Rockets – Even though the Houston Rockets lost out in their first game, the Rockets coupled with James Harden are still competent enough to be considered as a team that sits well at Rank 2.

3) Toronto Raptors – With their recent win against the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Buck’s disappointing performance against Boston Celtics, it appears as if the Raptors are best placed in the East. However, the fact remains that things can change pretty quickly since the Eastern Conference does not have a clear leader anymore.

4) Boston Celtics – As of now, the Boston Celtics have emerged winners in five straight games. To top it off, they are the only team that is currently undefeated owing to their stellar Game 1 performance where they managed to secure a victory against the Milwaukee Bucks.

5) Milwaukee Bucks – The Bucks had a slightly disappointing run against the Boston Celtics on Sunday, where they lost by a score of 112-90. Given the circumstances, it would be difficult to rank the Bucks over Celtics or the Toronto Raptors. Nevertheless, it’s pretty clear that the Bucks have the potential to rise from this slump through a victory in Game 2.

6) Portland Trail Blazers – Even though the Trail Blazers will be commencing their games on the road, the team has a pretty solid chance at making it to the finals of the Western Conference. If they do manage to reach the finals, the Blazers will face stiff competition from the Golden State Warriors or the Rockets.

7) Denver Nuggets – If there’s one thing that has consistently been counted against the Nuggets, it’s their inexperience. Hence it was not surprising when they were pushed to a Game 7 by the battle-tested and experienced San Antonio Spurs. Whether the Nuggets will fare well in their upcoming games is dependent upon whether Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum are able to pull their weight and make good use of their home court advantage.