The killer gigs you need to know about this week

Doom, psych and live-soundtrack shows and a classic-album gig for punk’s most important LP.

With the leaves hanging onto their branches with all of their might before being ripped asunder in the next few weeks, the Varning from Montreal and POP Montreal festivals are so close you can almost taste it. Before you immerse yourself in d-beat heaven and/or get POPped, you can check out these killer shows happening in the week ahead.

Thursday: Experimental (oc)cult director Kenneth Anger has had no shortage of quality soundtrack artists contributing to his films, including Zep’s Jimmy Page and Manson family member and convicted killer Bobby Beausoleil, but his cinematic vision will now be treated to scores created by local Montreal musicians at Casa. This will get trippy as fuk. 4873 St-Laurent, 9 p.m., PWYC

Friday: For fans of Om and Middle Eastern trance-inducing heaviness, you will want to check out the epic jams of Moncton’s Zaum with Fire Breather and the always heavy as fug Show of Bedlam at Casa. 4873 St-Laurent, 8 p.m., $11/$13

For something with a bit more spring in its step, you can catch another installment of the Punk Police night at North Star featuring the nerdiest crime fighting duo Hot Carl and Atom. 3908 St-Laurent, 10 p.m., free

My big pick of the week starts kicks off the weekend with a bang with the doom-laden riffs of Pallbearer with Tribulation at Petit Campus. If you are sick of doom bands with some death metal singer who can’t carry a tune in a bucket, you need to make the scene here. 57 Prince-Arthur E., 7 p.m., $28.60

For a little punk rock born near the equator, you can catch Mexico’s Massacre ’68 and Apara with local hosts Sexface and Warkrusher. Katacombes (1635 Saint-Laurent) 9 p.m., $10

For a night that won’t blast you in the face as much as Masacre ’68 or Pallbearer or zone you out like Zaum, you can check out Suoni favourite Michael Hurley with Fiver and Darren Hanlon at la Vitrola. 4602 St-Laurent, 9p.m., $16

Saturday: All psych warlords are to report for duty at Agora Hydro Québec de l’UQAM with Eliza Kavtion (who is also a contributor on the Anger Re-scored night on Thursday) and a DJ set from BBBy. 175 Président-Kennedy, 9 p.m., PWYC

A guaranteed killer show is power rockers Dead Messenger, who will level Barfly as usual. Don’t be tardy so you can catch the amazing soul-tinged rock of Toronto’s the Mercy Now, who will take up the middle slot — these guys fuggin’ rool, so do not miss. Opening up are the In and Outs. 4062 St-Laurent, 10 p.m., free

The goth set will definitely want to show up at the onetime goth hot spot Foufs to catch Skinny Puppy’s Nivek Ogre’s new solo joint OhGr with Lead Into Gold and Omniflux. 87 Ste-Catherine E., 7 p.m., $28


For some good ol’ punk rock, head down to Katacombes for Comeback Kid, and make it a bit early to catch No Warning. Kicking off the night is Higher Power, Deathnap and Offside. 1635 St-Laurent, 7:30 p.m., 23$/$25

Tuesday: One of rock ’n’ roll’s most important bands of all time is the MC5. No questions here — without the mighty five you would not have punk rock as we know it today. Their debut record, which introduced “Motherfucker” into housewives’ lexicon, turns 50 years old and surviving fiver Wayne Kramer has grabbed former members of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Zen Guerilla (!!!!) to help celebrate. This could go horribly wrong and horribly right, but the openers les Breastfeeders and the Sick Things are at least sure bets. Corona Theatre 8 p.m., $48+

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