Pirate Fest (?!), thrash legends and more great gigs this week

One promoter has the lock on top shows and we say goodbye to another small concert venue.

Well, in the wake of Divan Orange closing its doors, the tiny venue/café with a ton of heart – Cagibi – closed its doors this week. Being forced to reckon with jacked rents, Cagibi is being pushed out of a rapidly gentrifying Mile End. If you ever snuck into their cozy back room, you probably witnessed some of Montreal’s better up and comers squeeze onto the tiny stage. Cagibi is moving up the street to its new Little Italy local but unfortunately are no longer able to provide a stage at the new location and will just exist as a co-op-run café. Thanks for the gigs, kids, and if you would like to help Cagibi cover some of their huge moving expenses, you can visit their Facebook page and dig into their go fund me account.

Thursday: True, most of you brats are doing the wang dang doodle about Public Access T.V. and Honduras at Petit Campus, but you should really be getting your ass in gear to catch the brimming Thin Lizzy-fuelled rawk of over-gig-achievers the Sick Things, who will rock with fury and iron clad, uh, punctuality. 57 Prince-Arthur E., 7:30 p.m., $16/$13 advance

What’s not to love when a band steals their moniker from one of the best underground illustrators of all time? Bring the love to Brasserie Beaubien when Crumb and Hoan drink the Tremblay stock dry. 73 Beaubien E., 9:30 p.m., $15/$12 advance

Friday: If you’re willing to cast your i-ching but don’t to take too much of a risk, a solid bet would be France’s les Lullies with Vulvets and Video Futur at l’Esco. This is an Analogue Addiction gig and they’ve been hitting it out of the park lately so you know it will be rad. In fact, Analogue Addiction are responsible for my big pick of the week, so scoot down to Wednesday’s announcement if you want the real boss hoss. 4461 St-Denis, 9 p.m., $10

The Pirate Fest gets underway at Katacombes with an eclectic bill that starts tonight with Gholunatics, Burning the Oppressor, Graveyard Strippers and Code 40. 1635 St-Laurent, 8:30 p.m., $17/$14 advance

Saturday: Pirate Fest keeps on sluggin’ with the psychobilly twang of the Gutter Demons, Buffalo Theory Mtl, Branded by Pain and Citizen Vicious at Katacombes. 1635 St-Laurent, 8:30 p.m., $17/$14 advance

True heshers that dig the real deal thrash metal from a band that was there at ground zero in the early ’80s will not want to miss Exciter as they level le National with the violence and force of D.D.T. and Insane. This is sure to be fucking heavy and while it will probably involve cringe-worthy between-song banter, whatevs, it’s Exciter. 1220 Ste-Catherine E., 9 p.m., $38.50/$33.50 advance

Tuesday: If you like your pseudo black metal with way too much keyboards and wouldn’t mind a bit more Siegfried and Roy vibe to your molten ball of blasphemy, you can catch metal pin-ups Cradle of Filth with Jinjer and Uncured at Théâtre Corona. 2490 Notre-Dame W., 7:30 p.m., $40-43

Wednesday: The big pick of the week falls right at the end of the Hammer of the Mods week when indie darlings U.S. Girls pack ’em in at l’Esco with look Vibrant and Anamai. If you’re a smart cookie, you’ll stop reading this and go online and get tickets right now. 4461 St-Denis, 9 p.m., $15

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