The Top 30 MTL Songs of 2017

Listen to the best tunes made in Montreal this year.

Land of Talk

5. “Barrio Rich” by Small Talk

“Int’l Allophones Anthem.”

4. “Who Says No” by Gene Tellem

“Shazamed this during her Boiler Room set at the Phi Centre.”

3. “Moment 2 Moment” by Mozart’s Sister

“If Carly Rae had done this people would’ve lost their shit.”

2. “This Time” by Land of Talk

“The comeback Montreal needed.”

1. “Sexus Plexus Nexus” by Pierre Kwenders

“Purveyor of constant shout-outs from our humble publication, Pierre Kwenders is a bonafide icon in Cult MTL’s hivemind” -Donovan Burtan. Also, download SMS: LOCATION Vol. 1!