Wednesday, Sept. 13

* Pop Montreal kickokff/BBQ party
* A celebration of the UNDRIP with The Voice of Nations
* Artist talk with 2Fik at le Livart
* Graphic novel book club reads Uncomfortably Happily
* Fashion POP runway show and photo exhibit
* Pierre Kwenders album launch


Performance artist 2Fik.

POP Montreal is here! Among the many events happening on day one of the Sweet 16 edition of the festival (see more below) is the official kick-off BBQ/afternoon show/opening party. Playing live today are Pelada, Wake Island, Algodón Egipcio and Bossie. Outside/inside 3450 St-Urbain, show 2–5 p.m., party 5–8 p.m., free

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the signing of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the Old Port is hosting The Voice of Nations, a huge festival of music, food and culture from Indigenous peoples around the world, featuring performances from The Jerry Cans (Iqaluit), Whakatōpū Kotahi (Maori dance), IntiKilla! (Andean music), the Moose Town Singers, DJ Ziibiwan (Anishinaabe) and more. Quai Jacques Cartier, 6–9:30 p.m., free

Head to contemporary art centre le Livart for an artist talk with Montreal performance artist 2Fik in the context of his current exhibition Histoire au Pluriel, which includes key works from the artist’s series 2Fik Or Not 2Fik (2009) and 2Fik’s Museum (2013). 3980 St-Denis, 6:30 p.m., free

Take a trip to the Korean countryside through the fictionalized memoir Uncomfortably Happily by cartoonist Yeon-Sik Hong at this month’s edition of Drawn & Quarterly’s Graphic Novel Book Club, in which Hong and his wife seek peace and serenity far from the bustling city, only to discover a new set of anxieties instead. 211 Bernard W., 7–9 p.m., free

This year’s edition of POP Montreal’s annual fashion competition, Fashion POP, in collaboration with indie magazine and “visual and intellectual guide” The Fine Print, switches things up a little to take a different approach than the typical runway show — this year, 10 emerging designers have been invited to interpret the theme True Self / Projected Self through a single, critical interactive installation, while a parallel competition will see photographers take on the same theme through the medium of editorial fashion photography. Rialto Theatre – Salle St-Ambroise (5723 Parc), 8 p.m., free

Also on the POP Montreal calendar is local showman and Afrobeat/hip hop/electro artist Pierre Kwenders, launching his new record . Phi Centre (407 St-Pierre), 8 p.m., $16.80/$22.06

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