REVIEW: Ride’s “Weather Diaries”

ride-weather-diariesRide, Weather Diaries (Wichita)

It would be tough to recapture the impact that this British band’s ’90s records had, but their first release in over two decades proves why they were a cornerstone of the shoegaze scene. That said, the guitar tones and melodies on “Lannoy Point” point to post-punk and new wave as much as they do dream pop and shoegaze, while “Cali” and the instrumental “Integration Tape” are all about textures and ambiance. Modern touches like AutoTune on “All I Want” are surprising and kind of out of place, while the Spiritualized/Oasis-esque “Rocket Silver Symphony” and the epic title track are ambitious misfires. Still, there’s plenty of fuel here for a six-string joyride.


Trial Track: “Home Is a Feeling”

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