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PHOTOS: Pride Parade 2017

Montreal Pride festivities wrapped yesterday with a burst of colour, music and celebs from the community and world stage.


Philippe Couillard, Justin Trudeau, Irish PM Leo Varadkar and his partner Matthew and Denis Coderre at the Montreal Pride Parade 2017. Photo by Cindy Lopez

Rene-Levesque Blvd. was ablaze with colour, music and cheering crowds yesterday as the annual Pride Parade concluded over a week of Pride festivities and cultural activities. With familiar personalities and organizations lining the procession, from Mado and Mutsumi Takahashi to the line-up of politicians in the photo above, the parade also included a number of floats marking Canadaès 150th anniversary and Montreal’s 375th, with an Expo 67 display and other nods to the city’s history.

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