REVIEW: Nancy Pants’ “Vol. 27”

An EP’s worth of lo-fi indie rock by the local band.

nancypantsvol27Nancy Pants, Vol. 27 EP (independent)

Dripping with infectious personality, Montreal’s own Nancy Pants kick off their new EP with bubblegum pop before pit-stopping in serein rock with a swirling guitar jam on “Green,” then delving into rambunctious psych-punk on “PS.” The lo-fi nature of the work suits the band well as the instrumental layering maintains a sense of raw simplicity to fit Ohara Hale’s playful vocal delivery. Although the group could do a bit more to differentiate themselves within the general indie framework, the seven contrasting songs never lose their bite, setting the tone for a great album in the future. 7/10 Trial Track: “Take” (Donovan Burtan)