UPDATE: The body of missing Montreal musician Katherine Anne Peacock has been found

Police shared their May 9 discovery with the media on May 24, following a positive identification.

St. Lawrence
The site of the search for Katherine Anne Peacock

UPDATE: The body of Montreal musician Katherine Anne Peackock, 33, was found by the banks of the St. Lawrence River on May 9, with no signs of foul play, as reported by CBC and CTV on May 24.

See our April 9 report about Peacock’s disappearance below:

Family and friends of missing Montreal woman Katherine Anne Peacock (aka Katherine Peacock), 33, have been hoping for the best since she went missing on Wednesday.

According to Peacock’s friend Ian Christopher Goodman, Peacock’s father found her backpack near the banks of the St. Lawrence on Friday afternoon. Local and national news outlets have reported that her wallet and phone were left behind at her apartment.

Katherine Peacock
Katherine Peacock

Last night and this morning, Peacock’s loved ones pressured Montreal police to keep up the search after the SPVM said that they would break for the weekend.

Goodman says that pressure on the police may have already worked as police were at the scene — by the St. Lawrence in Verdun, close to one of Peacock’s previous apartments — as of noon today.

Goodman told Cult MTL that Peacock had been going for what he calls “thrill-seeking” swims in the frigid waters last week near the spot where her bag was found, telling another friend that she had “never felt more alive.”

He also confirmed that police have continued the search this afternoon, with boats, sonar and a grappling hook, but, he notes, no dogs, much to the disappointment of those close to Peacock.

Goodman, on behalf of Peacock’s brother Darren, says that friends, acquaintances and the public at large are invited to assist in the search by the river banks just downstream from 5th Avenue in Verdun, particularly on the south side, an area that has not been searched as extensively as the north side has.

Peacock is a writer and a musician who’s been part of the local music scene for over a decade, having played with the bands Telefauna, Dorian Hatchet, North My Love, People for Audio, Adam & the Amethysts, Blind Love/White Light and the Olivia opera ensemble. She has also performed solo under the name Mussaver.

Anyone with any information about Peacock’s whereabouts can contact the police at 514-393-1133. ■