PHOTOS: Chromatic paint & Pabst block party

Artists redecorated the side of an overpass and some condo-adjacent property in Rosemont, while party people drank to music by local DJs and MCs.


May 30, 2015. Photos by Lisa Sproull


On Saturday, May 30, the rain held off just long enough for the Chromatic festival’s block party to go off in Rosemont, where Montreal street artists redecorated the side of an overpass and an old condo-adjacent building around the corner. The artists were Bonar, Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations, Jason Botkin (KIN), Waxhead, MC Baldassari, EARTH CRUSHER, WIA, Scaner, Opire and Produkt. The essential soundtrack was provided by DJ Lexis, V X N Y L, la Rue, Babylon Shards, J.O the Corrupted and CJ Flemings.

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