SEE: Walkers take over downtown MTL

The fourth annual Montreal Zombie Walk drew out hordes of the undead. Check out our photo gallery by Cindy Lopez.

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McDon’t. Photos by Cindy Lopez (scroll down for the full gallery)
The fourth annual Montreal Zombie Walk drew more than 1,000 of the undead to roam the downtown streets together in search of human flesh. Among their ranks were members of Canada Post, protesting recent cutbacks in home delivery services. So maybe mail isn’t quite dead yet.

Some people showed up pre-zombified, while others took advantage of the make-up artists set up at the Place des Festivals meeting spot.

The zombies then slowly invaded McGill and Ste-Catherine during the mid-afternoon Saturday shopping rush. Some scared spectators and bystanders with screams and mock attacks.

Clearly, the Zombie Walk is becoming a staple of the Halloween season.

See how locals turned themselves into walkers, here:
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