PHOTOS: The weirdos of Osheaga

Check out the freaky people and conspicuous costumes spotted by the Cult MTL crew at Osheaga 2014.

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More and more, the music festival experience is becoming a playground for overgrown kids, and this year’s Osheaga was not untouched by the phenomenon. From your average costumed revellers to exhibitionists in next to nothing to clowns in racist headdresses to potential pervs with fetishes for infantile attire to mega-fans in matching shirts to brosheaga bachelor parties and hosheaga bachelorettes — we saw it all.

Here are just some of the fab freaks and conspicuous costumes that the Cult MTL crew spotted. (See our other style gallery here.)

(If you were around for the sickly sweet end of ’90s rave, some of these photos may trigger flashbacks.)

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