We may soon be swimming in the Old Port

Really. PLUS: A local record label comments on Gaza, local rappers counter the critics who say they’re fucking with French & more in our news round-up.



Everybody in the river: Projet Montréal leader Richard Bergeron, who participated in this week’s Grand Splash (wherein a couple hundred Montrealers jumped into the river — see our photos from that event here) has proposed a floating bath for the Old Port, inspired by a similar set-up in Copenhagen.

Rappeur cheek: Local bilingual rap crew Dead Obies (who are playing Osheaga next weekend, incidentally), have responded to the stodgy French and Québécois columnists who are criticizing them for rapping in franglais.

Art against apartheid: Montreal label Constellation Records, known for releasing music by the likes of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Colin Stetson, commented this week on the awful stuff going down in Gaza.

Finger lickin’ good? Have you seen the video of a girl plucking and eating a raw bird on the metro? It surfaced on Reddit over a month ago, but has come to light in the mainstream now due to police intervention. If found, the woman will be charged with disturbing the peace.

Booze with that? Hey, check ça man: We can now import alcohol from other provinces. We’ve got our eyes on novelty-sized bottles from the Maritimes and a world of cider from the LCBO. Bring it! ■