One-Night Stand: A virginal encounter

A girl realizes that a guy is a virgin when, in the tradition of porn, he instructs her to “Cum hard!” and waves his dick in her face.

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One-Night Stand is a column chronicling hook-ups in Montreal. In an effort to better understand what’s really unfolding in our bars, clubs and venues, we’re asking our readers to submit stories of their most memorable sexual experiences, be they great or terrible, with the new friends they make when they’re out. What follows is a firsthand account of what happens in our city’s bedrooms on any given night.

Age: 21
Sex: Female
Orientation: Straight
Meeting place: House party

The details: My friend’s little brother (my age) was visiting MTL for the first time, and she insisted I get to know him, at least for the night. After a few awkward brews, I took him back to my res room. Turns out my friend forgot to mention he had never participated in sexual activity. Taking cues from porn, yelling about how much he wanted me to cum while we were still fully clothed. He repeatedly slapped me with his dick, didn’t know where to touch me, and kept yelling, “Cum hard!” It was dramatic, and I got to teach the ropes to a young’un — but never again. I made him leave right after, and laughed myself to sleep. ■

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