Today’s Sounds: Fidlar + Suuns exclusive

Young, dumb and charming antics by L.A. punks Fidlar + a track by Glasgow’s Chvrches & an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO by Montreal’s stellar Suuns.


Fidlar, Fidlar (Mom & Pop)

Yes, it’s another album about troublemaking, but it’s not as if drinking, smoking, partying and fucking have gone out of style.

What also hasn’t changed is that this sort of music — hyperactive three-chord monte with laconic shouts — is best left in the hands of the young, while the rest of us loosen our neckties and live vicariously through the snarling and thrashing. Like an ageing running back who’s lost a half-step, if you have to think about the punk music you’re making, then chances are you shouldn’t make it anymore. Fidlar, an acronym for “Fuck it dog, life’s a risk,” is a debut album (and band) devoid of reflection; it’s about being young, as told by those who don’t know any other way to live.

The opening track is called “Cheap Beer” and features the elucidating chorus, “I drink cheap beer, so what, fuck you.” Not surprisingly, these four L.A. punks (half the band consists of TSOL progeny) have similarly direct statements to make about drugs, skateboarding and money as well.

Sure, one can pinpoint moments where Fidlar’s specific influences are revealed, and undoubtedly they’re more knowledgeable of the music they’re aping than their impetuousness might suggest. There’s a reason why Fidlar’s energetic punk stands out over a million high school garage bands, after all, but Fidlar the album should ideally be consumed when thinking is the last thing you want to do. Whip out that semi-retired bong and listen to your restless, mollified id: bitching about exes, smokes and beat-up cars will feel as vital as ever.

Fidlar open for Wavves at la Sala Rossa on April 6.


Chvrches, “Recover”

The title track off the upcoming EP by Glasgow’s Chvrches, out March 26 on Glassnote, throws a little electro-pop glitter on the healing process.


Exclusive Video:

Suuns, “2020”

It’s the Quebec premiere of the latest video by Montreal’s stellar Suuns, who release their sophomore record Images du Futur on March 5 via Secret City. Their local launch happens on April 4 at la Sala Rossa.

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