Accidents will happen

Feeling out Shiver, the new record by local shoegaze trio Femme Accident, calling out the thieves who stole from Crabe and Leamers and hipping you to the best rock ‘n’ roll, metal, punk and, uh, Bollywood ‘n’ Bhangra shows and DJ nights this week.

Before I hip you squares to the shows happening over the next seven days (and sadly drop some disheartening news), I’d like to start by telling about Shiver, the new release from local shoegaze trio Femme Accident.

Fans of Pornography-era Cure, JAMC’s Psychocandy, Joy Division, the cream of the crop from Creation Records and even more vintage girl group melodies should be all over this like a fat kid on a Smartie. Femme Accident wear influences proudly on their sleeves here, but their cold sound mixed with gorgeous melody work does manage to forge its own signature.

Everything swims in a cavernous din of reverb as waves of vocals cascade over shoegazey guitars reminiscent of Kevin Shields’ sonic wallop and a less plump but still plinky Robert Smith. The obligatory synths know their place and take a backseat to the pedal-pushing guitar workouts and hushed MBV vocals, but the band knows when to ramp up that, uh, ’80s sound. If you’re digging into the hairsprayed U.K. ’80s/early ’90s thing, better get your crimping iron burnin’ hot for Femme Accident.

And there’s absolutely stellar artwork from Dead Wife’s Lisa Czech and killer production work from Slobs/Omegas man Yannick Sarrazin to boot!

It pains me to no end to write the following, but yet another band have found themselves victims of thieving bottom-feeders. Members of Crabe and Leamers recently got some guitars and other things ripped off on the evening of Thursday, Jan. 22 from the corner of Préfontaine and Ste-Catherine in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. The items taken were a Black Fender Jazzmaster guitar (serial # MX11314237), a Boss Harmonist PS 6 pedal (serial # ZZ98861), a 15-inch speaker cabinet with a green grill, a Black Squire Precision bass with a white pick-guard and an additional Jazz bass pick-up and a Red Fender Mustang “1969 reissue” guitar with an American Devices sticker on it. Please keep your eyes peeled on Craigslist, Kijiji, Les Pac and at pawn shops, especially near the area where the theft occurred. If somebody approaches you to buy any of the above, please phone the cops immediately, as a police report has already been filed.

For those of you who don’t already know, musicians are the brokest people ever and are often forced to grin and bear shitty jobs just so they can pay for the luxury of playing music. When their tools are stolen from them, it can be a soul-smashing experience, the ultimate kick in the teeth — many musicians don’t recover and simply pack it in. Support Crabe and Leamers by going to their shows and buying their merch. If you have any info on this missing gear, please get hold of me at my email addy listed below.

Enuff with the bummer news and onwards with the shows:

Tuesday – Yours truly will be holding down my monthly at Casa at the longest-running rotating-DJ weekly in the city, We Sold Our Souls to Rawk and Roll. Expect some frigid jams as played by a very drunk DJ.

Wednesday – The launch for the monthly at Notre Dame des Quilles, Audio Enthusiast Club, gets underway with DJs Dirty Boots and Brutal Village, who’ll be spinning some dusty sides of fuzzy garage, surf, psych, minimalist synth, dark wave and more.

Thursday – If you’re into the spicy sounds of Bollywood and Bhangra, get yer ass down to Casa for a killer night hosted by DJ Pataka.

Friday – DJ Pascha returns for her semi-monthly Save Us, also at Notre Dame des Quilles. The eclectic Pascha will ease you into smooth R&B and sultry soul before breakin’ necks with some brutal punk rock and hardcore hip hop. Expect the unexpected.

Friday also marks the debut of Quatro at Divan Orange, headed up ex-les Georges Leningrad duder Mingo l’Indien and fleshed out by members of Duchess Says and more. Expect a throwback to the darker, more obscure corners of the ’70s and ’80s.

The crazy kooks behind CKUT’s most raucous radio show, The 27th Hour Rock ’n’ Roll Horror Radio Broadcast, have cooked up a gig with the weird rap and double-drummer assault of Ottawa’s Party Knives with fellow O-towners New Swears, the working man’s krautrock of Dream Girls and the debut of Death of Youth. This is all happening at Barfly, natch!

If you ever wondered just how far guitar improv can go, don’t miss a chance to catch Bill Nace with Steve Baczkowski at Casa, plus ample support from Dreamcatcher and Onyx Lamia.

Saturday – Although they’re still holding down their Sunday weekly at Rockette, longstanding metal night Jour de Sabbat picks up stakes once a month and sets them down at Casa. DJs Fer and Luci save up the more obscure and extreme metal for their Casa stint. The look on the Casa cologne crowd as these two unleash Darkthrone jams is worth the trip alone.

Probably the biggest news this week is the return of Montreal garage legends les Sexareenos at le Belmont with the Pouteens (featuring Bloodshot Bill). This will also feature numerous DJs to keep the night rocking.

On a completely different tip is the whisper-quiet delivery of Julie Doiron with Elgin Skye and Construction and Destruction at Casa.

Monday – My pick of the week comes in at the tail end of the seven-day stretch ahead, when multi-limbed duo Buke and Gase return to the Casa with Ahleuchatistas and Isle of Pine. The amount of sonic ground this duo is able to cover with only a voice and four hands is just astounding. If you want to dip your toes in their cool waters, hunt down a copy of their amazing 2010 record Riposte on Brassland Records. The new one is General Dome. Look for a feature on the band in the next print edition of Cult MTL, which starts to hit the streets tomorrow. ■

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