Monday, Dec. 24

* Shop ’till you drop!
* La Verita preview @ Place-des-Arts
* Wrap gifts, milk & cookies, early to bed.

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Still looking for a few last minute gifts? You’ll be happy to know that most shops around town, including those in the Eaton Centre and the perpetually crazy-busy Apple store on St. Catherine, will have their doors open to the shopping public until 5 p.m. tonight. Best of luck hunting down that iPad Mini!

Catch a preview of upcoming surrealist circus freakout show La Verita, opening later this spring (and staged in front of a massive, recently discovered and largely unseen stagedrop painted by Dali, to boot). Finzi Pasca, Dali and La Verita is an exhibit about famed Spanish surrealist Dali and the process behind creating this show as tribute. Place-des-Arts (175 Ste-Catherine W.), 9 a.m.-4 p.m., free

Wrap the last few gifts, leave some milk and cookies out on a plate and turn in early. That’s exactly what you were planning to do anyway, right?

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