Five restaurants to try this fall

Fall is always a great time to eat out, and this year is no exception — especially given the number of new restaurants to spring up in the city of late. Here are five that, per food writer Joanna Fox, you’ll definitely want to try.

Two guys and one hell of a Vietnamese sandwich

Have you ever woken up on the weekend and wished that someone would bring a freshly made sandwich and a coffee right to your door, and all you had to do was send a text, get out of bed and put on some pants (or not)?

Top five post-Pop late-night Montreal eats

Pop Montreal is a party marathon. With shows, events and impromptu after-parties happening all over the city into the wee hours of the night from Wednesday ‘til Sunday, even the most diehard fans need refueling at some point — and I’m not talking about more booze.

From classic French cuisine to greasy Quebec poutine, here are the top five restaurants that will help you make it to the end, or at least send you to bed on a full stomach.

Sunday’s Oysterfest to be a shucking good time

Did you know that a single oyster filters 50 gallons of water every day? Or that oysters start as little red dots, called seeds, in the water? Or that the oyster that you slurp back in a matter of seconds could be four years old?

The best end-of-summer eats

Although it sounds like something an insane person dreamed up, the Orange Julep really does exist and is a Montreal food landmark.

Omnivore: inside the world’s best kitchens

Grégory Marchand kick-started Saturday afternoon with five dishes reflecting the market cuisine of his Parisian restaurant, Frenchie. Having spent some time sourcing his ingredients at the Jean-Talon market with his sous-chef, Marchand wanted to improvise with ingredients that caught his eye.

Omnivore World Tour: Your passport to fine dining

Some of Montreal’s best and brightest chefs, along with a selection of international chefs, will be on hand all weekend as part of the first Montreal edition of the Omnivore World Tour at the Société des arts technologiques.

Derek Dammann: bringing back the tavern

“Gastropub is a bad word to describe it,” Dammann says of his new Maison Publique. “The easiest way to describe what I’m doing is a tavern. It’s sort of a lost thing here in Montreal — taverns are almost dead.”

Three Stars: Inside the Michelin Guide

Hachmeister turns his camera on nine chefs from around the world, exploring what their craft — and their Michelin stars — mean to them. The pressures of gaining and, more important, losing a star have driven many chefs to hang up in their aprons and, for Frenchman Bernard Loiseau, to take his own life.