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ITHQ x Beyond the Plate: Getting schooled and fed by Pasquale Vari & Montreal’s next top chefs

Watch Season 4, Episode 3 of Beyond the Plate, presented in partnership with Cult MTL.

This has been a longtime dream of mine: to visit the ITHQ (Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec) culinary institute, where many of the Montreal chefs I’ve spoken to over the years have graduated. Hearing about their trajectory and time spent learning at this great institution always piqued my interest and beckoned a deeper dive.

Enter chef and newest member of the series Pasquale Vari, and my dreams came true! What a teacher, what a leader.

To witness Chef Vari at the helm of his classroom, taking the graduating class smack-dab into the middle of a working first-class kitchen, had me holding my breath as I watched them prepare both for the real world AND my dinner, along with patrons at their in-house restaurant!

I don’t want to give anything away — just watch and enjoy for yourselves.

ITHQ chef and consultant Pasquale Vari and his graduating class Montreal’s next top chefs

Produced and Hosted by Heidi Small

Filmed and Directed by Ezra Soiferman

Edited by Teagan Lance

Graphic Design & Logo by Alex Chocron

Beyond the Plate by Heidi Small is an experience brought to you by Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove.

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