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François Legault wants Montreal police to remove pro-Palestine encampment on McGill campus

“I expect the police to clear these camps.”

In a press conference today, shortly before the arrival of pro-Israel counter-protesters at McGill University, Quebec Premier François Legault made it clear that he expects Montreal police to remove the pro-Palestine encampment on the downtown campus.

“Everybody in Quebec has to respect laws,” Legault said in English. “Right now, the encampment is illegal, so we have to respect law and I want to make sure that police officers make sure that laws are respected.”

In French, Legault said, “I expect the police to clear these camps.”

McGill University has previously stated that the encampment goes against its own regulations. On Wednesday, a Quebec judge rejected a request for an emergency injunction against the encampment, which was made on the part of two McGill students who felt threatened by the presence of the protesters on campus.

A police spokesperson stated this morning that the police presence at the university today is meant to keep the peace between pro-Palestine and pro-Israel protesters, as the latter group has planned an afternoon demonstration outside the Roddick Gates, just a few feet away from the McGill encampment.

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