How games have changed overall prices and impacted the gaming devices

What makes up the price of the best PC?

The gaming industry emerged smoothly and gradually offered players limited options and fairly simple gameplay, behind which there was a lot of personal work of programmers and designers.

So, to play the first Wolfenstein you needed a simple PC, which was already a luxury then, but you could find it somewhere to play or buy it.

Subsequently, the gaming industry began to grow and turned into a conveyor belt that pushes entertainment technologies forward, but at the same time requiring that all parameters be met for equipment that becomes obsolete much faster than before.

A top-end video card will last for a couple of years at most, whereas previously it was enough for 5 years or more.

Now if you want not just to play games, but to have the highest FPS, then you need to own many types of peripherals and invest a lot of money in it. This approach is needed not only for titled single-player games like Cyberpunk, but also for MMO RPGs like Final Fantasy 14, where will you get FF 14 gil, which, in addition to quests and company, has advanced graphics that can only be enjoyed by investing in your PC. You can improve your gaming experience using the Skycoach service, but for personal participation, especially in large-scale battles, you need a stable gaming PC.

What makes up the price of the best PC

You need to buy a motherboard, which will become the basis of the entire assembly, a video card to display high-quality and stable images, a processor for processing and analyzing information, and RAM for accelerated actions.


This is the main device as a key factor in your build, including for the speed of processing Internet data via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for high-quality headphones and various wireless systems, not only through USB connectors.


The speed of its operation directly depends on its relevance and overclocking; a modern processor for games should not be advanced, because no game can use such power – a good i7 from Intel or a 7 series from Ryzen will be enough.


This is a very important resource for most games and especially for those players who like to simultaneously listen to music or watch videos, which consume more resources.

8 GB is no longer enough for the gaming industry; previously, of course, 2 was enough, but the times are long gone, and now it is desirable to have 16 or 32 GB of RAM.

Video card

This is the most important factor for running the most demanding and large games.

You need to consider the 3000 and 4000 series to run the best games like Cyberpunk.

The 4000 series uses AI-based picture finishing technology, which allows you to significantly increase the number of FPS during the game without wasting resources on other parts of the PC system.

The 3000 series is still relevant, but does not have such a technological boost as new types of video cards.

Game Mouse

Gone are the days when a simple ball mouse was enough for a comfortable game. Now it should have a good DPI range for a suitable cursor sensitivity, which can be changed for shooters, strategies, arcades, or MMO RPGs for boosting in Final Fantasy 14.

Now the mouse can easily be wireless without serious signal delay, as it was before, and the ability to charge it not through a battery system, but a full-fledged battery via USB, which literally every smartphone owner has and is included in the kit.

An additional bonus will be the color scheme, but the most important thing is that such a mouse will really improve your gameplay and allow you to customize additional buttons to use with your keyboard.


Now, for comfortable gaming, a 15-inch monitor is not enough, as it was before, and for comfortable gaming you need a monitor that is the size of a full-fledged TV.

The ideal format is 27 or 32 inches, which will give you a good overview and orientation.

In order for the picture to be clear and bright, you need to choose the current matrix – IPS, or OLED, according to your financial capabilities.

IPS is a good and fairly budget choice, which needs to be checked for glare – so that the white color is not stained and other colors so that the matrix works properly.

Owners of old monitors will immediately notice the transition to a brighter and more colorful picture.

Game steering wheel

Many players who love various transport simulators like Euro, or American Truck and similar projects can feel a full gaming experience if they play with a steering wheel and full simulation and physics when driving a truck.

This is not a mandatory attribute, which is quite expensive, but all racing fans will be able to fully experience the new gaming experience.

Good headphones

Now, sound, or rather it’s positioning, plays a key role when choosing a full-fledged device for your gameplay.

A new format of headphones with 5.1 and 7.1 sound, when the sound is created by 5 or 7 objects around the hero and conveys each sound in detail with its real position.

The device can have virtual or real positioning, which affects its price.

Virtual creates sound using a program and is used in all popular gaming peripherals.

The real one is used at the expense of equipment and creates a more detailed and correct soundtrack, but it also costs much more.


Previously, the gaming industry completely separated players on the console system and PC, but now gamers can use a full-fledged gamepad that will help improve the gaming experience in individual projects.

In a football simulator it will be easier for you to control the player and use feints and various passes and tackles than on the keyboard due to the wide spread of keys, while on the gamepad everything is compact, although you will need to get used to it.

The system will work similarly in fighting games and even in racing games; some players actually find it more convenient to play on a gamepad than on a keyboard.

There are players who even manage to successfully play MMO RPGs like WoW Dragonflight on a gamepad and farm World of Warcraft gold better and faster than others, but this is more an exception than a real convenience, because you also have to control the camera