Flygreen private jet charter brokerage Montreal

Flygreen is a private jet charter brokerage that focuses on forward-thinking technology

Connecting with over 7,000 certified operators, this Montreal company can facilitate private travel to urban hubs and vacation hotspots in as few as four hours.

Flygreen provides private travel solutions for clients in need of private jet charter, commercial group charter or commercial group bookings. Connecting with over 7,000 certified operators, Flygreen can facilitate private travel in as few as four hours. Flygreen also promises top-tier service care of their Jet Charter Executives, a team of seasoned aviation experts.

Aside from offering personalized travel arrangements and rapid organization, the element of the company’s mandate that truly sets it apart in the industry is their approach to innovative technology. JETPRO, Flygreen’s internal sourcing platform built entirely in-house, tracks flight options based on key factors such as itinerary, pricing and reputation. It also accounts for environmental impact and carbon footprint, ensuring the best aircraft is matched to the customer’s unique needs. In line with these considerations, Flygreen has initiated a program to match 50% of their customers’ carbon capture contributions, thus providing an option for travellers to help mitigate the environmental impact of their flights.

The most popular private travel destinations from Montreal include:

New York City

The most iconic city in the world has myriad attractions, whether you’re looking for fine dining and niche cultural experiences or bleeding-edge art, music and fashion scenes. There are of course premiere entertainment options including Broadway plays and Knicks or Yankees games, architectural wonders such as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, a rich diversity of the restaurant scenes across the city’s five boroughs to the lush green oasis of Central Park.

Mexico City

A major urban hotspot in a tropical climate, Mexico City is place where old meets new, where cultural history and a vibrant restaurant and party scene coexist and feed off each other. From Aztec temples to baroque cathedrals, the massive Zócalo square and sprawling Parque México, to world-famous restaurants and bars such as Bujol and Baltra, there is so much to explore in the Mexican capital.

Îles de la Madeleine

The serene landscapes of Quebec’s Îles-de-la-Madeleine offer a tranquil getaway on the shores of the Gult of the St. Lawrence, but with plenty of deep dives into nature for those who like to stay active. Surfing, hiking, visit farms and lighthouse, going on fishing excursions and exploring wildlife reserves are all options — as is kicking back at a quaint hotel or bed-and-breakfast, feasting on seafood at the island’s many restaurants and taking in the views.


New England’s major metropolis is a go-to for connoisseurs sports, art and American history, with an exciting restaurant scene and an impressive array of five-star hotels, including the Mandarin Oriental and the newly opened first Raffles in North America. Fenway Park, Harvard University, the Boston Common park and the Back Bay are just some of the vibrant historic sites to see between meals at hotspots like Wood Hills Pier 4 and Grill 23 & Bar.


Between the beaches, the nightlife and the vast array of multicultural food and drink, Miami is a feast for the sense. Year-round heat is a major draw for Canadians, of course, but so are the nightclubs of South Beach, the dancing and cocktail options of Little Havana the Design and Art Deco Historic districts and a food scene that merited Bon Appetit’s Food City of the Year designation in 2023.

Whether travellers are visiting these or other destinations for special events, festivals, last-minute getaways or for business, the private option allows clients to forgo the standard stress and hassle that comes with commercial travel, from booking trouble to airport wait times to unreasonable baggage restrictions to cramped seating.

“The core of Flygreen’s service is the recognition that no two journeys are the same. We dedicate our expertise to ensure that each client’s experience is met with the ideal aircraft match, aligning with their specific travel requirements.”

—Flygreen CEO Matt Keezer

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