Casino Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts

Everyone should be aware of the dos and don’ts of casino etiquette before visiting their local casino .

Casino etiquette plays an important role in the land-based gambling industry, to the point in which many aspects of it are taken for granted by gambling enthusiasts. However, newcomers to the gambling world are unlikely to know how etiquette worksand may unintentionally break protocols in a way that annoys veteran gamblers.

Everyone should be aware of the dos and don’ts of casino etiquette before visiting their local casino or planning a trip to a gambling haven. Here, you’ll learn all of its most important aspects, so you’ll be able to behave like an expert even if you are a newcomer!

Online Casino Etiquette – Does It Exist?

Even though there are certain rules that players are expected to follow when gambling online, casino etiquette when gambling on the internet is much laxer than it is at a land-based casino. Top-quality online casinos, such as mBitCasino, will hardly care how you spend your money as long as you follow their basic rules. 

The Dos

Let’s first take a look at things that are not only generally deemed acceptable, but also encouraged to be done at any respectable casino.

Know the Rules Before You Play

Although some dealers may be patient enough to explain how a game works, it’s common courtesy not to make them waste their time by having to explain the rules to you. If you’re new and you think that you’ll have to ask the dealer any questions, it’s advisable to visit the casino at a time when not many people are playing and sit at tables that aren’t packed with players.

Understand the Hand Signals

It’s recommended that players develop an understanding of casino hand signals before they visit a land-based casino. This can be done by simply reading about them online or watching videos of people playing. Picking them up is not difficult, and it helps the dealer keep the game at a good pace that suits everyone at the table.

Respect the Dealer – And Tip Accordingly

Dealers are expected to be treated with respect, and huge wins are often accompanied by a good tip. Although tipping the dealer is not a mandatory practice, it is frowned upon not to do it – especially among casino high rollers.

Dress Up

Not all people follow proper dress etiquette when gambling at a land-based casino, but it’s advisable to dress decently, if not fancily, when visiting a casino. Not only will you be following proper etiquette if you do it, but you’ll also look much better in the eyes of your peers and avoid drawing unwanted attention to yourself.

The Don’ts

Now, let’s see what activities and behaviors are not tolerated in online casinos. Some may only result in your actions being frowned upon, whilst others could result in you getting kicked out of the casino after a warning or two. 

Don’t Get Too Drunk

One of the many perks that come with playing on land-based casinos is the ability to drink as you play. Although it could inhibit your decision-making, having a drink or two is always fine and serves as a good way to have a great time while gambling. However, getting too drunk is a huge no and the first thing to avoid when visiting a land-based casino, not only because of how you may act toward others but also because of how detrimental it can be to yourself.

Avoid Looking at Your Cellphone too Often

It’s not advisable to look at your cellphone when gambling if you don’t want to draw suspicions about what you’re doing. Besides, it’s not polite to do so – especially when sitting at a table with other players. You could lose track of what’s happening and annoy others by slowing down the pace of the game.

Never Disrespect the Tools of the Craft

It may be important to respect the casino staff, but don’t underestimate the importance of respecting the tools of the craft either. Small actions like avoiding placing your glass or cup in the wrong place or simply taking good care of the cards that you’re dealt with are expected among casino visitors.

Don’t Patronize Other Players

Although you can be friendly to someone who’s obviously anoob and help them out, patronizing others and thinking that you know best doesn’t tend to sit well among players – and even less so among seasoned veterans. Avoid doing this to properly follow casino etiquette. 

Follow Etiquette and Play Among the Best

Now that you know the basics of gambling in a land-based casino, the choice of doing so or opting to play online instead is up to you. 

Gambling online offers a different type of environment to enjoy, whilst gambling in a land-based casino provides a more immersive experience where you’ll be surrounded by others that, on top of loving what they do, usually follow the aforementioned etiquette as well. Choose what suits you best and gamble responsibly!