SPCA Montreal Quebec debate animal protection

The Montreal SPCA will host a Quebec election debate on animal protection on Sept. 14

The debate between Liberal, Québec Solidaire and PQ candidates will focus on housing rights for tenants with pets, the ban on permanently chained dogs and fox & mink breeding.

After hosting political debates during last fall’s federal and Montreal municipal elections, the SPCA is taking their animal protection concerns to the provincial level by hosting a debate ahead of the Quebec election on Oct. 3. Moderated by journalist Vanessa Destiné, the debate will be broadcast live from the Montreal SPCA Facebook page on Sept. 14 at 7 p.m.

“Quebecers will be able to hear the visions and commitments of the parties, particularly with regard to the three issues that the SPCA considers priorities for the current election:

-Access to housing for tenants with animals

-The ban on keeping a dog chained outside permanently

-The ban on fox and mink breeding for their fur”

—Montreal SPCA

The candidates participating in the animal protection debate are Claude Lefrançois (Québec Solidaire, Laporte riding), Jonathan Marleau (Quebec Liberal Party, Maurice-Richard riding) and Sylvie Tanguay (Parti Québécois, St-François riding).

“This historic provincial debate will allow voters to learn about each party’s position on animal-related issues. With the law now recognizing animals as sentient beings and with more than one in two households in Quebec now living with a companion animal, these issues are undeniably significant to the election campaign.”

—Sophie Gaillard, Director of Animal Advocacy and Legal Affairs and Acting Executive Director of the Montreal SPCA

The Montreal SPCA will host a Quebec election debate on animal protection, Sept. 14

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