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Canadian Cafes With The Most Beautiful Interiors

Good coffee, nice music and a comfortable setting contribute to a good cafe environment.

Whether you want a quick cappuccino or a long chai latte with friends, Canadian Cafes offers a lot beyond hot beverages and pastries. With their beautiful interiors and unique design, these coffee shops will satisfy your caffeine and aesthetic cravings. 

Let’s take a look at Canada’s Cafes with the most beautiful interiors.

1. Forget Me Not Cafe

Forget Me Not Cafe is a cosy cafe and gift shop north of King West, on Adelaide and Portland streets. You can discover their boutique products like scented soaps, candles, and lotions while taking photos of the adorable rustic-chic décor.

2. Rooster Coffee House

The Rooster Coffee House has three — on Riverdale, King Street East, and Jarvis — where you can take java-inspired pictures. The three community coffee hubs all have their unique character, combining industrial and quaint elements. Especially at the Jarvis location, large windows and an upper level add a cosy touch.

3. FIKA Café

The Swedish verb FIKA means “to go out for coffee,” and a noun meaning “coffee break.” FIKA Café, located in the heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market, is light, airy, and full of character. A beautiful wall of books and colourful paintings surrounds FIKA, where you can enjoy the signature cardamon spiced latte, lavender, and white hot chocolate.

4. Boxcar Social

Despite Boxcar Social’s many photogenic locations, their Summerhill location is where it all began. It consists of two floors and a large patio shaded by splendid trees in the back. A black finish is applied to the hardwood floors, while whitewashed or painted brick walls adorn the walls. There are endless photo opportunities with tall windows and wooden tables.

5. Hula Girl Espresso Bar

Hula Girl’s Dundas and Ossington locations feature an eclectic and bold style, with exposed bricks and reclaimed wood elements combined with retro designs. They are known for their strong blends, but if you’re feeling adventurous, try their signature drink: butter coffee.

6. Tandem Coffee

As their slogan states, Tandem Coffee, in the Corktown neighbourhood on King Street East, is known for offering “precious coffee fluids.” With its quirky interior design elements, such as blond wood tables and benches, hanging light fixtures, and a living wall of plants in the back, Tandem Coffee offers a wonderful photo op.

7. Early Bird Espresso Bar

Since it opened in 2013, this Queen West hot spot has been buzzing and perfectly represents the neighbourhood’s aesthetic. An exposed brick wall and mid-century light fixtures are often offset by cute green plants along the communal wooden tables, between rustic and industrial. Don’t forget to take a picture of Early Bird’s neon sign!

8. Bobbette & Belle

This café’s speciality is impeccably decorated cakes, which are featured at both locations of Bobbette & Belle. Allyson Bobbitt and Sarah Bell met while teaching at a confectionary arts school, where they founded this small but steadily expanding company. In this dreamy space, you can enjoy a scone, a decadent slice of cake, a bag of peanut brittle, pastel-coloured marshmallows or meringues while drinking your tea or coffee.

9. Tucana Coffee

Tucana Coffee will satisfy all of your photogenic latte’s needs if you like your florals with a pop of neon colour. Tenille Clarke has created a quaint, casual space with reclaimed wood, ceramic tiles, and lush plants in this nondescript Dundas storefront.

10. The Tempered Room

Parkdale’s Tempered Room is a sunny patisserie founded by celebrated Parisian chef Bertrand Alépée. The rustic and whimsical décor seamlessly blends with your freshly baked éclairs and croissants.

11. Citrus & Cane

Citrus can have a wide range of classics and exotics on the menu and an extensive back bar that focuses on rum. With rattan accents and mid-century modern decor, the room was originally built in the 1970s.

Due to its food quality and taste, Citrus & Cane Cafe is one of the best cafes in the area. Visit the cafe and enjoy the food and vintage atmosphere. 

Final Words

Good coffee, nice music and a comfortable setting contribute to a good cafe environment. But where will you find Canada’s most beautiful cafes? Nearindex is the best coffee shop website in Canada, where you can discover the best vintage, photogenic, and beautiful interior cafés.