16 people we’d rather see on Canadian money than King Charles III

Whose face should grace our legal tender ahead of the new British monarch?

At the ripe old age of 73, King Charles III is finally running the show. For England this means immediate changes to all currency and stamps among many others like the coat of arms and even prayers. What this means for Canada, however, remains unclear as the Bank of Canada has profiled Queen Elizabeth II on our $20 bills and coins since her 1953 coronation.

The Bank of Canada has said that bills bearing the Queen’s likeness shall remain in circulation indefinitely, but will eventually be replaced with bills bearing an image of her successor. Whether new coins will bear the new King’s likeness is up to Prime Minister Trudeau. 

But the bigger question is, should Charles even be the new face of our legal tender?

16 people we’d rather see on Canadian money than King Charles III

The $20 bill

  • Gord Downie
  • Relic Phillips (fictional)
  • Shania Twain
  • Chanie Wenjack (died of exposure fleeing residential school in 1966)

More $20 options, or coin alternatives and the flipside image

  • Celine Dion/ The Titanic
  • Drake / A wheelchair
  • Shannen Koostachin (deceased Cree education activist) / Her school in Attawapiskat
  • Mitsou / A steaming bowl of poutine
  • Anne Murray / A snow bird
  • Rita McNeil / A pot leaf
  • Ricky from Trailer Park Boys (fictional) / A bottle of ranch dressing
  • Pierre Trudeau / Margaret Trudeau partying at Studio 54

New currency

  • Stompin’ Tom Connors on a 5 cent coin (or Nickelback nickels)
  • Wayne Gretzky on a $99 bill
  • Carey Price on a $31 bill

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