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TODAY: Quebec has ended the mask mandate for public transit

Senior homes, hospitals and other health care facilities are now the only spaces where masks are still mandatory.

Health Minister Christian Dubé announced in a news release on June 8 that the province is dropping the mask mandate for public transit across Quebec as of today, June 18. Mask-wearing on buses and the metro is now voluntary. The only Quebec spaces still subject to a mask mandate are hospitals, senior homes and other health-care facilities.

The move was recommended by public health based on the state of the pandemic across the province. The number of hospitalizations currently sits at 1,029, compared with 2,348 towards the end of the Omicron wave on Feb. 9.

“As of today, it is no longer mandatory to wear a mask or face cover in our vehicles. It is now an individual decision, according to each person’s need and preference. We reiterate the importance of respecting each other’s decision.”


TODAY: The mask mandate for Quebec public transit has ended

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