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Will Canada have another federal election by 2023?

The majority of Canadians seem to think so.

According to a new study by the Angus Reid Institute, more than half the country (54%) believe Canada will have another federal election before 2023 is over, including 17% who believe the next election would take place within a year.

3 in 10 Canadians (31%) think parliament will last longer, with 14% believing the Liberals will get a full four-year term.

Conservative voters are the most likely to expect the next federal election within two years.

“Past Conservative voters are more likely to believe Canadians will be back to the polls sooner rather than later. Seven-in-ten (68%) expect the minority government to last less than two years, while few (9%) expect a full four-term under the Liberals. Conversely, one-in-five (21%) of those who voted Liberal in the fall election expect the government to last the full four years and a further one-in-five (22%) see at least two years under Liberal minority rule.”

—Angus Reid Institute
Canada federal election 2023
Will Canada have another federal election by 2023?

According to the latest federal voting intention poll by the Angus Reid Institute, the Liberals are in the lead with 34% support. 29% say they would vote Conservative while 20% would vote for the NDP.

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