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PHOTOS: The trucker convoy and other protesters in Ottawa

Some Montrealers also came out in support of Quebec truckers joining the protest on Friday.

With truckers from the Atlantic provinces, Quebec and southeastern Ontario joining the group of 113 trucks that rolled in from B.C. and the Prairies, the trucker convoy arrived in Ottawa on Friday afternoon. What began as a protest movement against vaccine mandates for truckers that cross the American border has grown to include truckers and other protesters espousing anti-mask, anti-vaccine-passport and anti-lockdown views.

The official protest is due to take place in front of Parliament on Saturday.

See a gallery of photos of the trucker convoy in Ottawa by Montreal photographer Steve Walsh in the slider below.

PHOTOS: Trucker convoy arrives in Ottawa

See more photos and videos from Friday afternoon in the two sliders below, by @crazyacresperth.

A video from the trucker convoy arrival in Ottawa

The Quebec contingent of the trucker convoy also rolled through Montreal on Friday afternoon, with supporters cheering from overpasses.

Trucker convoy support in Montreal

West Island convoy support

A video montage of trucker convoy supporters in Montreal.

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