montreal olympic stadium

See some amazing photos of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium under construction

The stadium may have been pricey, but it’s a beauty in its own right.

For better or for worse, Montreal’s Olympic Stadium is a landmark of the city. Located in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough, the stadium was built for the 1976 games. It was there that esteemed athletes such as “Sugar” Ray Leonard and Caitlyn Jenner took home their first and only Olympic gold medals.

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The construction of Montreal’s Olympic Stadium was extremely costly. By the time it was fully payed off in 2006, the total price tag came out to $1.61-billion. This is worth approximately $2.02-billion in 2021 with inflation. Many have re-dubbed its “Big O” nickname to “Big Owe” because of these expenses.

Since the departure of the Montreal Expos in 2004, the stadium has never been in frequent use. In 2015, Montreal was a host city for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. One match, between Germany and the United States, drew a crowd of 51,176. Montreal was originally considering hosting several matches of the 2026 FIFA World Cup but recently withdrew their candidacy due to a lack of necessary funding from Quebec.

As much of a financial headache as the stadium may have been, it is still a sight for sore eyes. The City of Montreal archives of the stadium’s construction and the photos are simply phenomenal. It may be pricey, but it’s a beauty in its own right.

The foundation is laid for Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, 1975

montreal olympic stadium
The core stadium in the early stages of construction, 1976

montreal olympic stadium
The stadium’s construction nearing completion, 1976

The Olympic Stadium in its current form

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