youppi theme song viens danser youppi!

Youppi had his very own theme song in 1983, “Viens danser Youppi!”

The novelty recording is still for sale in some Montreal record stores.

Youppi is one of the sports world’s most beloved mascots. He was created by Bonnie Erickson, one of the designers of the Muppets, in 1979. The orange giant has been inducted into both the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Mascot Hall of Fame. A lesser known fact about Youppi is that he was popular enough to earn his very own theme song.

Prior to becoming the mascot for the Montreal Canadians, during his tenure with the Montreal Expos, “Viens danser Youppi!” was recorded by Quebec child star Brigitte David in 1983. The novelty single was written by Pierre Gervais and released via the record label, Les disques Fragile.

LISTEN: The Montreal Expos beloved mascot Youppi had his very own theme song, “Viens danser Youppi!” in 1983.

The song’s lyrics highlight Youppi’s fun-loving personality and enjoyment of concession snacks.

“Youppi adore toutes les sucreries,
Le maïs soufflé,
Et les biscuits,
Je sais qu’il préfère le chocolat,
Voilà pourquoi son ventre est comme ça.”

This is one of Brigitte David’s only recordings. She released five singles in the 1980s. The track is rather rare but can be spotted on 7″ format at some Montreal record stores. It’s also for sale on Discogs.

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