Quebec vaccine QR code

Quebec vaccine passport app VaxiCode will be available tomorrow

Coming to iOS Wednesday, and in the coming days to Android.

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé has announced that the new vaccine passport app VaxiCode will be available to iOS users tomorrow, and in the coming days for Android users. A second new app, VaxiCode Vérif, will be used by businesses such as restaurants, bars, gyms and theatres to verify the QR codes of their clientele on the VaxiCode app. Both apps were tested last week at restaurants and gyms.

The vaccine passport will be mandatory in order to access non-essential businesses and services as of Sept. 1. The detailed list of non-essential businesses and events where VaxiCode will be required is coming to the government website shortly.

People without a smartphone will be able to print or request a card that can also be scanned via VaxiCode Vérif. If a card is requested, Dubé said, it will be sent by mail.

Dubé also noted that there will be a two-week grace period before businesses are fined for not using the app, to allow staff to get used to the process. Fines of up to $1,000 to $6,000 will then be handed out to businesses for non-compliance — forced closure is also a possibility for those who refuse to use the app. As with the enforcement of the mask mandate, inspectors will start circulating after Sept. 15 to ensure that VaxiCode is being used.

There will be “criminal sanctions” for people who try to use a fake app or document, and anyone who creates a disturbance after being refused entry to a business or event will have to deal with the police.

Government officials explained that the personal information connected to the QR code is limited to names, dates of birth and vaccine status, and that the app will not collect data of any kind.

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