Trudeau National Summit on Islamophobia Canada

Trudeau: “Hate can’t creep into the mainstream if we speak up against it”

The Prime Minister spoke about division and diversity during this week’s National Summit on Islamophobia.

During the National Summit on Islamophobia on Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reflected on the spike in hate crimes across Canada in recent months and the impact on the Muslim community.

“As a country, we must not forget why January 29 has become a day of remembrance of the Quebec City mosque attack and action against Islamophobia. We must remember the tragedies that took place that allow hatred to flourish. Wherever division threatens to take hold in our country, we must remain strong and united. In this regard, I want to take a moment to acknowledge the global conflicts that have been very troubling.

“There is no place in Canada for Islamophobia. Not ever. On the world stage, our government will always stand up for peace and democracy, human rights, freedom of expression and freedom of belief. This includes through the protection of minorities. To young Muslims who came to the streets to advocate and protest, who call on their elected officials to do more: We see you and we hear you. We will continue to work with you on these issues close to your hearts, close to our hearts. We still have work to do to build a country and a world that we all dream of. That’s why, here today, we organized this National Summit on Islamophobia, which brings together the federal government and Muslim communities across the country to chart a course forward.

“We all must understand that governments, institutions, organizations, workplaces and individual Canadians all have essential roles to play — to be friends, to be allies but also to be part of a solution. The politics of division cannot take root if we refuse to be divided. Hate cannot creep into the mainstream if we all speak up against it. We are a country that knows that diversity is our strength. We know that everyone is equal and deserving of our deepest respect. That is what we must defend. And together, I know that we will.”

As announced by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) on Monday at the London, ON, mosque formerly attended by the Afzaal family members murdered in a terrorist attack on June 6, 61 recommendations to fight Islamophobia were presented to all levels of government at the summit on Thursday.

Justin Trudeau on Islamophobia in Canada

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