7 current social problems

For these problems to be solved, we have to work together and take action to support the communities we live in.

A social issue represents a problem that influences people who live in a society. It is basically a group problem that many citizens try to solve. Most of the time, it is a consequence of factors beyond a person’s control. They are the source of conflicts due to different opinions on what is correct and what is incorrect. Social problems are different from economic problems, although there are some issues that fall both in the social and economic problems, such as immigration. And some do not fall into either, such as warfare. 

Currently, there are countless problems and challenges that social workers need to face, and are many more things coming. For example, due to the Black Lives Matter movement, many questions about systematic racism were raised. COVID-19 pandemic caused a huge economic downfall, leaving millions of people unemployed. And many problems such as climate change are still unsolved and developing. Basically, the list of social problems around the globe can be overwhelming. We put together a list of the 7 current issues that many individuals struggle with, but for these problems to be solved, we have to work together and take action to support the communities we live in. 

Poverty and Homelessness

Homelessness and poverty are huge problems for the whole world. According to some research, one-quarter of the population lives in bad conditions that are harmful to their safety and health. Not every town has shelters to give those people a place to stay and help them, and with that, they do not even have the basic human needs for survival, such as food, water, or clean clothes.  Almost 25% of the whole population is directly affected by this problem, and because of the lack of shelter for these vulnerable people, there is huge stress over the social programs and the government.

Climate Change

Climate change affects the population from the whole world, and it is known as one of the most devastating issues that humanity ever had to face. The effects of climate change can be seen all over the news, from record-breaking temperatures in the arctic to wildfires in Australia. And to many, this may seem like an issue that scientists have to solve and not social workers. However, climate change has a huge impact on the well-being of the community, and also, solving the problem of climate change can positively affect and help with some other issues on this list.

Child Labor 

This is a complex issue that violates children’s fundamental rights and affects their psychological development.  It affects almost 215 million children globally, and 115 million of them are defined as the worst possible form of child labor. Many child labour essays state that most of the problems of child labour happen in agriculture, and the number is up to 60% because the majority of them are from unpaid families that don’t have any resources or money. So, they make their kids work as a way to solve their problem, 26% of the children are in services and 7% in industry. And all of that violates the child’s fundamental rights, such as education, survival, protection, and development. 


Overpopulation is a condition where the number of people on the planet exceeds the number that our planet can carry. And as the population continues to grow, the resources are getting scarcer. The current number of our population is 7.7 billion, although, in the coming decades, it is expected that the number will grow up to 8.5 billion. Some of the fastest-growing areas in the world have to face many scarce resources. With the growth of the population, the country would not be able to sustain that. They will need to move to avoid homelessness and starvation, which can lead to immigration stress.

Gender Inequality 

Many Americans feel like their country should do more to raise the issue of gender inequality and address the income gap between women and men. Nowadays, they can get college degrees and participate in sports. However, there is still a huge difference between male wages and female wages even if they have the same leadership position. Although there are counties where this situation is far worse, research shows that over 98 million girls are not attending school, and over 12 million girls are getting married before they even reach adulthood. 


Despite all the anti-bullying initiatives happening, more than 20% of students in America still report bullying. Some of them report that they are bullied once or twice a month. Some of them every day, and some are victims of cyberbullying. In addition, research shows that the top reason for bullying is obesity which is another social problem that needs to be addressed.  

Racial Discrimination and Civil Rights

Civil rights Are the right for people in a country to have equal political and social treatment. However, it is a significant social problem because many people from America and worldwide cannot enjoy the same treatment. Almost 50 years have passed since the Civil Rights Act. And still, many African Americans and Latino Americans live in segregated neighborhoods. Almost every one of them has to go through significant racial discrimination, which is a huge issue.


Discussing social problems can be contentious, but it is an important part of making progress. And community and school activities can help raise awareness about those social issues. Also, writing about them can help people understand those difficult but important challenges, and possibly motivate them to take a step ahead and do something.