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Valérie Plante responds to accusation of “inventing” Montreal housing crisis

A landlords’ association is calling out Plante, housing activists and other politicians for conspiring to damage their reputation.

Today Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante responded to an open letter posted yesterday by Quebec landlords association CORPIQ. CORPIQ claims that Plante has invented a housing crisis to get re-elected, and that housing activists, members of Québec Solidaire and Projet Montréal (as well as Plante herself) have purposely damaged the reputation of landlords in the media.

Here is a translation of Plante’s response:

“Let’s rectify the facts, CORPIQ. The affordability crisis is real and denying it is irresponsible. Small landlords, including myself, are the backbone of affordable housing in Montreal, and part of the solution. Their representatives should do the same.

“The middle class must be better represented. Montreal is more affordable than other big cities — it must remain that way. All Montrealers have the right to quality housing at a reasonable price and we must ensure social diversity in the neighbourhoods.

“The affordability of housing in Montreal is a matter of common sense. This ensures the well-being of Montrealers, but also contributes to the purchasing power of the middle class and therefore to the economic vitality of the metropolis.”

—Valérie Plante

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