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The Quebec-Ontario border is closed, but there are 9 exceptions to the land travel ban

Anyone returning from Ontario is expected to isolate for 14 days.

The Quebec government has announced that the border with Ontario is closed as of Monday, with “sporadic checks” in place to limit land travel and prohibit anyone from Ontario from entering the province. There are nine exceptions to the travel ban, pertaining to people from Ontario who:

  • have their main residence or a secondary residence in Quebec and, in the latter case, have to ensure their maintenance;
  • travel to Quebec for humanitarian purposes;
  • travel to Quebec to obtain care or services required by their state of health or to provide such care or services to a person who requires them;
  • work in Quebec, to practise their profession or to attend an educational establishment;
  • travel to Quebec to comply with a judgment rendered by a court, to respond to a subpoena to appear in court or to allow the exercise of parental custody or access rights; 
  • be an employee of the federal public service whose place of work is in Quebec and that his presence is required by the employer at that place of work;
  • ensure the transport of goods in Quebec or in transit in Quebec;
  • cross the border in order to get to their principal residence located outside Quebec;
  • enter or cross the border as part of an international trip or to another province, by bus, train, ferry or plane.

Checkpoints at the border will be in place until at least May 20, when Ontario’s stay-at-home order may be lifted. Travellers will be stopped but will not be asked to show documentation.

In addition, anyone returning from Ontario to their main residence in Quebec will be expected to isolate for 14 days, but there are exceptions here, too. If the border crossing is for humanitarian reasons, for work, to obtain health care or services or to appear in court or exercise parental custody or access rights.

The Quebec-Ontario border is closed, but there are nine exceptions to the land travel ban

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