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Legault clarifies his statement on rent in Montreal following $500 gaffe

The Premier claimed yesterday that rent in the city starts at $500 to $600.

Quebec Premier François Legault held a press conference this morning to answer reporters’ questions on a number of topics, but the majority of questions concerned his statement yesterday that the cost of rent in Montreal starts at $500 to $600.

On Wednesday, Québec Solidaire leader Manon Massé asked Legault if he had any idea what people paid in rent in Montreal, to which he replied: “It depends on the size of the apartment, but I would say it can start at maybe $500–$600 a month, and it can go up to $1,000 a month pretty quickly.”

Québec Solidaire leader Manon Massé questions Legault about rent in Montreal

Today, in the face of criticism from Massé and many others for being out of touch, Legault clarified that he was referring to what the average student might pay, including for shared housing.

This conversation comes in light of a housing crisis for buyers as well as renters, increasing renovictions and rent hikes in the city, not to mention a growing need for social housing across the province. Legault acknowledged that there is a shortage of social housing in the province’s major cities.

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