gyms reopening quebec

TODAY: Gyms in Montreal and other Quebec red zones are reopening

Individual/duo training and instruction are back, along with hotel pools and spas.

On March 12, Isabelle Charest, the Quebec Minister for Education and the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women, announced in a press conference that gyms and other indoor sports and training facilities in Montreal and other Quebec other red zones will be reopening on March 26.

The training and activities that will be allowed indoors will be individual, for up to two people and for people within one household bubble, with public health measures such as distancing in place. Hotel pools and spas will also be able to reopen. Spectators and indoor team sports are still not allowed.

Charest noted that the reopening of gyms is the beginning of an easing of pandemic lockdown restrictions that will continue through the spring and into the summer months.

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