Quebec sugar shacks

Nearly 70 Quebec sugar shacks launch a cabane à sucre to-go campaign

Meals are available to order online and be picked up at your local Metro store or delivered to your home.

Sugar shacks across Quebec are facing their second season of revenue loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a joint endeavour that launched today promises to keep the cabane à sucre industry afloat. Ma cabane à la maison offers gourmet boxes of reheatable or ready to cook food from a selection of sugar shacks, available to order online and for either takeout, home delivery or pick-up at the nearest Metro store. Menus vary depending on the cabane(s) available to you, which is determined based on your location or the location of your Metro pick-up spot.

A look at a few participating Quebec sugar shacks that service the Montreal area showed a wide range of packages, with some offering a traditional menu of traditional cabane à sucre grub for groups of two or four — eggs, bacon, smoked ham, pea soup, oreilles de crisse, sugar pie, tire, etc — and others getting more elaborate with veal sausages, multiple salads and beers, as well as deluxe package options. There are also livestream concerts featuring regional artists playing the music you’d normally hear while feasting in the woods.

For all the details and to order, please visit the Ma cabane à la maison website.

Quebec sugar shacks band together to offer the cabane à sucre experience at home with Ma cabane à la maison

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