Montreal police racial profiling arrest video

Arrest video goes viral, Montreal police respond to racial profiling allegations

Details of the arrest are still unclear.

Montreal police have responded to allegations of racial profiling after a video of the arrest of Andy Basora went viral on social media. Critics, including Basora’s lawyer Fernando Belton, have alleged racial profiling and pointed out that the arresting officer was not wearing a mask. Yesterday’s arrest follows the Dec. 19 theft of a coat similar to the one worn by Basora in the video. Belton wondered whether everyone in a red North Face coat had been arrested by the SPVM over the past month.

Andy Basora being arrested by Montreal police yesterday

Here’s how the SPVM responded on Twitter:

“A video is currently circulating on social networks relating to the arrest of a man wearing a red coat. This intervention is related to a violent robbery that occurred on December 19 in the PDQ 31 sector during which the suspect in particular had used cayenne pepper. The victim had, among other things, his winter coat stolen (similar to the one worn by the person arrested in the video).

“While patrolling the streets of the area yesterday, the same police officers who took the initial statement of the robbery saw a resemblance to the victim’s red coat and turned around to ask the man questions. Police have determined that he is not the wanted suspect and has no involvement with the event.

“Regarding the wearing of a mask, the SPVM asks its staff to wear it during its interventions and to respect the sanitary rules. However, in some situations that require quick and immediate intervention, this may not always be possible.”

Arrest video goes viral, Montreal police respond to racial profiling allegations

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