Zone Rouge CJLO

Zone Rouge documentary series tracks effect of climate crisis on Montreal

“The climate crisis is happening globally, but it’s felt locally.”

Concordia University radio station CJLO is launching a new documentary series called Zone Rouge, about the effect of the climate crisis on Montreal. The series, by Moira Donovan and Zoe Bailey-Stetson, “will highlight how Montrealers are responding to the challenges posed by climate change with resilience and creativity.”

“Working on this project has shown me, through the voices and sounds of the city, how Montreal is vulnerable to climate change, but also how people in the city are showing resilience in the face of the climate crisis – an experience that’s been both sobering and inspiring. I hope listeners of the series have the same experience in hearing it.”

—Moira Donovan

Zone Rouge is part of the Sounds in Our Changing World project, funded by the Community Radio Fund of Canada. The first episode, “Heat Waves,” airs on at 4 p.m. and continues at the same time every Tuesday through Jan. 19, 2021.

Zone Rouge series tracks effect of climate crisis on Montreal

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