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Canada lags behind U.S., U.K., Israel in per capita COVID-19 vaccinations

We’re still ahead of the world average.

Our World in Data, a world data tracker by the University of Oxford, has compiled an updated per capita vaccination chart by countries currently administering vaccines for COVID-19. According to the chart below (which has data organized per 100 people), Canada appears to be off to a slow start in COVID-19 vaccinations when compared to Israel, Bahrain, the United Kingdom and United States.

Canada lags behind the United States, United Kingdom, Israel and Bahrain in per capita COVID-19 vaccinations

Converting the data to per capita COVID-19 vaccinations per 100,000 people, Canada has administered just 190 vaccines, while the United Kingdom and United States have vaccinated 1,180 and 640 people, respectively. Isreal and Bahrain are at the top of the vaccinations list, at 7,440 and 3,290 administered vaccines, respectively. The world average is currently at 60 administered vaccines per 100,000.

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