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BIXI bikes are by far the best in the world, according to Boris Johnson

The U.K. Prime Minister has high praise for the Montreal company.

During a Zoom trade meeting between prime minister Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson, the British PM had very high praise for Montreal-based bicycle sharing company Bixi. Bixi — which has been in London since 2010 (when Johnson was the mayor) — shared a video of the comment, which can be seen below.

“12 years ago, I became mayor of London. I had to put [self-service] bikes on the streets. We had to look for the best, cost-effective, [toughest] bikes, because we needed to persuade people who weren’t very confident cyclists to get on them and use them. And they’ve been a fantastic success on the streets of our capital. And you should know that we scoured the earth, the whole of the U.K. for the best bikes we could find. Alas, by far the best ones were made in Canada. I think they were called BIXI, and they’re still going. ”

–Boris Johnson
BIXI bikes are by far the best in the world, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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