WeCook poutine

WeCook poutine strikes the perfect balance between healthy and decadent

The prepared-meal delivery service’s tasty take on our national dish is available this week.

Montreal-based company WeCook delivers prepared meals across Quebec and Ontario, and given their tendency towards healthy meals, you wouldn’t think Quebec’s national dish (poutine, of course) would be a fixture of their rotating menu. But it is, as it’s apparently a favourite among WeCook clientele.

How do you make poutine (relatively) healthy? WeCook starts with the foundation: sweet potato fries, baked not deep-fried. Their poutine sauce is gluten-free. They use lean ground Quebec beef instead of a fatty extra protein like bacon. The rich flavour of their sauce is enhanced with caramelized onions. And the coup de grâce is of course the cheese curds — Québécois in origin, of course, in the format we all know and love.

WeCook poutine
WeCook poutine

When WeCook whips all these elements together and delivers it to your home — sauce on the side of course — you’ve got a delicious and substantial dish that’s as good for your body as it is for your tastebuds. ■

Browse this week’s menu (which includes WeCook poutine) here and see more details on the WeCook website. (Use the promo code cultmtl50 and get $25 off first purchase, $15 off second purchase and $10 off third purchase.)

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