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WATCH: SNL spoofed Montreal in morning show sketch Bonjour Hi!

“Montreal: The best part of Canada and the worst part of France.”

The second sketch on Saturday Night Live last night involved a French Canadian morning news show set in Montreal called Bonjour Hi!, with Bowen Yang and Kate McKinnon playing hosts Jean-Lawrence and Anne-Marie. Issa Rae, who hosted SNL, played Awa Sene, Bonjour Hi!‘s Toronto correspondent, who spent the whole sketch looking for Drake in a segment called Drake Watch.

Some parts of the bit worked, while others did not. Yang’s accent was solid, not surprising considering he used to live in Montreal. They referenced Montreal bagels, however the props on the show looked like gross flatter and skinnier versions of actual Montreal bagels. The sketch ended with the two hosts singing the Celine Dion song “That’s the Way It Is.”

The full sketch is already online via the Global website. Check out some clips below.

Issa Rae searching for Drake on Montreal morning show “Bonjour Hi!” from Saturday Night Live
Bowen Yang and Kate McKinnon sing “That’s the Way It Is” by Celine Dion
Montreal morning show Bonjour Hi! from SNL last night

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