Cabaret Berlin Lunatic Asylum

4 reasons to attend Cabaret Berlin’s virtual Halloween party tonight

For one, the Lunatic Asylum theme is timely.

As much as we would all love to be partying for Halloween this weekend, red zone restrictions due to COVID-19 means that all Montreal bars and clubs are closed and house parties are illegal (and extremely ill-advised). But you can still party within your household while supporting Montreal venues like Cabaret Berlin — here are four reasons to get in on their Lunatic Asylum party tonight:

  1. The theme. “We are all slowly going mad…” Not to make light of mental illness (and the dark history of the treatment of the mentally ill), but we are all feeling some degree of it lately, and empathy for those suffering more than others is (or at least should be) at an all-time high. With red zone restrictions extended till Nov. 23 and no credible word of a COVID-19 vaccine, we don’t know when this will end, so we all need a little therapy. In this case, music/dance therapy.
  2. The music. Expect prime selections of post-punk, goth rock, new wave, dark wave, cold wave, industrial and alternative, courtesy of DJ Davidé, with complementary visuals by VJ Bunnyguts.
  3. The venue. After Cult MTL reported on what’s going with Bar le Ritz, two co-owners/managers from Cabaret Berlin commented that they were in court today contesting an old noise complaint fine, and they lost. As they do in the event info for all their streaming parties (and there have been quite a few since the spring), Cabaret Berlin is inviting donations, and a little financial help would be appreciated more than ever right now. (Entry to the event via is free.)
  4. Halloween Eve. If you happen to have any COVID-era Halloween plans on Saturday — trick or treating or a movie marathon are the only options that come to mind — you can make a weekend of it by getting in on the Cabaret Berlin dance party tonight. Friday was always the better club night anyway, right?

For more details about the Halloween 2020 edition of Lunatic Asylum (happening tonight, Friday, Oct. 30, 8 p.m.), please visit the event page.

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