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Here’s what closures and restrictions are in store if Montreal goes orange

Leaked documents reveal what orange and red COVID-19 zone designations actually mean.

Yesterday public policy analyst Patrick Déry shared leaked government documents explaining exactly what Quebec’s COVID-19 alert zones mean in terms of closures, restrictions and confinement for Montreal and the rest of the province. Prior to this, Quebec government officials explained very little about the colour-coded alert system — only that the green zone designation means “vigilance,” yellow is a “pre-alert” mode, orange is a “moderate alert” level where further restrictions will be applied and red is the “maximum alert” level that would resemble spring 2020 lockdown.

The first image below suggests that orange means a reduction of the number of people allowed at private indoor gatherings from 10 to 6, and at public gatherings from 250 to 50, as well as the closure of bars, restaurants (dine-in), gyms, spas, casinos and a ban on competitive and contact sports. It’s worth noting that — unless they fall under public gatherings — there is no mention of schools or daycares in this chart.

Montreal and six other Quebec regions are currently in the yellow zone — one level away from pre-June levels of business, service and sports closures. The difference between levels, as seen in the second image below, is all in the numbers.

closures restrictions Montreal Quebec
Summary of potential business/service closures and activity restrictions in Montreal and across the province
Statistical criteria for COVID-19 zones
orange red zones Quebec
Activity/business risk levels
Patrick Déry leaks Quebec COVID-19 alert zone action plan

In a press conference yesterday, Quebec Premier François Legault called the documents leaked by Déry “working documents” that “are possibilities, but that does not mean that all these measures are automatically applied. It will depend on each situation.” In light of the rising infection numbers in various parts of Quebec, over 303 province-wide yesterday, he also said this:

“There’s a real risk that we need to close schools and businesses, so please respect the two metres, wear a mask and don’t have parties at home.” ■

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