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Ron Evans presents an alternate history of the Métis in Montreal in October

Stories of the Métis will be presented twice for live audiences.

Métis storyteller and oral historian Ron Evans is coming to Montreal in October for two performances of Stories of the Métis, an alternate history of a historically marginalized people. Evans aims to “set the record straight” on a number of misconceptions of Métis history, including the so-called “Riel rebellion:”

“There are two problems with the term ‘Riel rebellion:’ Riel was not the leader, and there was no rebellion.”

—Ron Evans

Evans is a Chippewa Métis Cree — and a descendant of some of the participants in the Métis uprising of 1885 — who grew up between Alberta, Western Saskatchewan and Montana. Along with commenting on He has a lot to add to the conversation about the legacy of Sir John A. MacDonald following the toppling of the statue of Canada’s first prime minister in Montreal last month.

There are 30 tickets available for each of the two performances of The Stories of the Métis, an off-festival presentation of the Montreal Intercultural Storytelling Festival. Note that strict public health measures will be followed and enforced.

Stories of the Métis with Ron Evans will take place at la Cenne (7755 St-Laurent, #300) on Oct. 3 (7 to 10 p.m.) and Oct. 4 (2 to 5 p.m.), $10. To reserve tickets and see more details, please click here.

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