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The Sonication concert series at PHI Centre is back this weekend

Streaming on Cult MTL, PHI Centre and Mural Festival platforms.

The Sonication concert series at Old Montreal art institution PHI Centre continues this coming Saturday, Aug. 22 with live sets by les Louanges and Random Recipe, and viewers are invited to stream the event live.

The sets, scheduled between 7 and 9 p.m. and taking place on two stages at PHI Centre, will be streamed live on Cult MTL, PHI Centre and Mural Festival platforms, as well as broadcast on big screens to a small audience inside on the fourth floor. For those who want to attend in person, doors open at 6:30 p.m., but please note that space is limited.

PHI describes the live Sonication experience as “a hybrid experience, halfway between a film set and a festive happening” where “aesthetes and music lovers are invited to take part in a mosaic of animations within the building.” If you’ve missed previous editions, which have been happening since late June, you can catch up via the Sonication web series. Episodes are made available for a limited time every Wednesday, and unlike some streaming events that we’ve all witnessed in recent months, these are characterized by a quality that PHI Centre is known for: high productions values.

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Vendredi dernier, le toit du Centre s’est transformé pour devenir le foyer d’une énergie nouvelle, avec un ensemble de concerts festifs d’artistes locaux. Pour la ​troisième édition​ de Sonication, PHI a décidé de laisser le micro à des artistes dont les tournées ont été bouleversées par la pandémie. Nous avons eu le plaisir de faire la fête avec @jessemaccormack, @impossnation et deux jeunes artistes mis en avant par le collectif No Bad Sound ( ) @officialkamino et @xlowwx. Chaque série de l’odyssée est un chapitre surréaliste et multicolore, un moment de reconnexion grandiose entre les artistes et le public. Tout au long de l’été, célébrons ensemble l’humain et son envie de communion par la musique. ​Ne manquez pas les prochaines journées de tournage qui auront lieu le ​22 août, le 2 et le 19 septembre prochain. ___ Last Friday, the roof of the Centre was once again transformed to become the site of an entirely new energy, with a festive concert series featuring local artists. For the third edition of Sonication, PHI decided to pass the microphone to artists whose tours have been disrupted by the pandemic. We had the pleasure of partying with @jessemaccormack, @impossnation and two young artists put forward by the No Bad Sound collective ( ): @officialkamino and @xlowwx. Each part of the saga is a surreal and multicoloured chapter, a moment of grandiose reconnection between the artists and the public. This summer, let's celebrate our shared humanity and our passion for communion through music. ​Don’t miss the next filming. The next performances will take place on A​ugust 22th​, ​September 2nd and 19th. ???? Charlotte Guirestante Ghomeshi ( @charliieeg ) #DestinationPHI

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Photos from the previous edition of Sonication at Phi Centre

The series will continue on Sept. 2 with Marie-Pier Arthur, Klaus and Shay Lia, and — also in collaboration with Mural Festival — on Sept. 19, with very special guests TBA. ■

PHI Centre is located at 315 St-Paul W. See the live Sonication schedule here and web series details here.

This event is a presentation of PHI and MURAL as part of the 2020 MURAL Estival and Sonication.
In collaboration with Hennessy. Amplified by Cult MTL

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