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Legault vows to fight against Trump’s tariffs on Quebec aluminum

Aluminum wars!

UPDATED Aug. 8 9 a.m.: On Thursday, Donald Trump announced that there would be a 10% tariff imposed on imported aluminum from Canada. This angered Quebec Premier François Legault, who has responded to Trump’s move by requesting that Justin Trudeau impose retaliatory tariffs in return.

“Very disappointed with the decision by Donald Trump to impose tariffs on aluminum imports. I asked Justin Trudeau to impose tariffs on American products in retaliation. I intend to fight to defend Quebec aluminum workers.”

–Premier François Legault
François Legault vows to fight against the tariffs imposed on Quebec and Canadian aluminum by Donald Trump

The federal government has since announced that $3.6-billion in tariffs will be imposed on U.S. products following a month-long consultation with Canadian business leaders. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland called Trump’s actions “absurd” and “ludicrous.”

“The United States has taken the absurd decision to harm its own people at a time when its economy is suffering its deepest crisis since the Great Depression,” she said.

“Any American who buys a can of beer or a soda or a car or a bike will suffer. In fact, the washing machines Trump stood in front of yesterday will get more expensive.”

A CBC report noted that most of the aluminum products to be targeted by Canada (based on a preliminary list) are from key U.S. election swing states, though Canadian officials deny that this was intentional. ■

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